Flutter SocketException (SocketException: OS Error: Connection refused, errno = 111, address = localhost, port = 51500)

Flutter SocketException is thrown when a socket operation fails. Implemented types. IOException. Constructors. SocketException

Below is the Code will you Have An example

http.Response response =
    await http.post('http://localhost:1337/auth/local/register', body: {
  "username": _userName,
  "email": _email,
  "password": _password,
final responseData = json.decode(response.body);

if (response.statusCode == 200) {
  // If the call to the server was successful, parse the JSON
  return print(responseData);
} else {
  // If that call was not successful, throw an error.
  throw Exception('Failed to load post');
Solution for Flutter SocketException:-

Found the Solution: If you’re running the server locally and using the Android emulator, then your server endpoint should be instead of localhost:8000 as AVD uses as an alias to your host loopback interface (i.e) localhost

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